Koła Fulcrum Racing 3 DB AFS HG11 C19 2WF

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When do you get used to counting kilometers in tens of thousands? How many times have you imagined a set of all-purpose wheels, excellent in the winter, agile and performing uphill, with no limits on less-than-perfect road surfaces, reliable and ready when you need to concentrate exclusively on your training, and a loyal companion when your goal is big mountain passes, great distances and big adventures?

Racing 3 DB is a concentrate of technology designed to raise the performance bar in a wide range of situations, setting new standards for satisfaction and reliability.

This wheelset for racing and gravel bikes was not designed to dazzle. The focus here was on substance and the R&D division at Fulcrum have taken everything to a higher level, choosing the most balanced, evolved technical solution for every single essential component… Who says it won't dazzle once on the road?
Extremely smooth thanks to cone and cup bearings and comfortable thanks to steel spokes that ensure 25% more shock absorption capacity than its racier Racing Zero counterpart.

The 19 mm wide well also ensures generous, robust, stable contact with the road.
"Versatility" for Racing 3 DB means making the difference whatever the context: as a training wheel, for long distances and on gravel. It is also a high class upgrade for those who enjoy cycling without any competitive intent.
Good-looking, refined, detail-attentive construction, with R2-Milling that combine design and hi-tech. Multi-purpose, distinctive, a Fulcrum icon. \

tyre type 2-Way fit Ready (for clincher and tubeless)
tyre size 28"
discipline Road / Gravel
ASTM category 2
weight 1660 g
rim material Aluminum
rim material details Alluminio (6082, T6 Pre-Aging), R2-Milling
profile height Low
rim height Front and rear: 28 mm
rim width 23,8 mm
inner rim width(channel) 19 mm
tyre width From 23 mm to 42 mm
braking system Disc brake
braking surface/brakes options AFS
front axle compatibility QR/HH15-100/HH12-100 (no skewers incl.)
rear axle compatibility QR/HH12-142/HH12-135 (no skewers incl.)
front wheel spokes 21, Two-to-one (14 left + 7 right)
rear wheel spokes 21, Two-to-one (7 left + 14 right)
spokes: material Stainless steel, double butted
spokes: profile Rounded, straight pull
nipples Aluminum
front hub Aluminum, Aluminum oversize flange
rear hub Aluminum, Aluminum oversize flange
bearings Adjustable Cup & Cones bearing system
others Aluminum Axle
Weight limit 109 kg (Cyclist)
FWB options HG11, Campy, Optional: XDr

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